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Originally founded in the early 1970s to deal with the new ERISA laws, the current owner acquired 401 Plans in 1998.  Using his decades of business practice experience, he turned 401 Plans into an industry leader in performance and efficiency. A strong growth model soon produced multiple locations across the nation, allowing 401 Plans to better serve clients and their every need across the United States..

In 2001 401 Plans secured a unique niche in the industry when it became a fully licensed producer in multiple states. This certification now allowed 401 Plans to offer a full range of services including participant educational meetings and investment guidance.  401 Plans is now one of the top leading producing TPA firms in the nation and has been awarded on multiple occasions by several different providers for new asset production and as a preferred producer.  The company‚Äôs continued emphasis on client relationships has secured a strong future for the company and its clients.

Also considered to be a national authority on 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans, and a regional resource for the Department of Labor (DOL), 401 Plans is sure to create a solid retirement plan for you and your company. You will always receive unparalleled product and service.  Let us make your plan work for you, creating profit and attracting and keeping top employees with unparalleled service and expertise.